Sunday, 28 February 2016

Quadrophenia2 (Poorly Educated)

opening scene of Quadrophenia2 is last scene on Quadrophenia where he jumps off the bike opening scene of Quadrophenia2 you see him walk away from Beachy Head.

draught working progress
grammar and punctuation & Plurals will be corrected in due course

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Next scene is on the coach going home
10 years later
he wakes up in his own flat goes to the Jobcentre to sign on.
Next scene
receives a letter to attend a job interview at Number 10 Downing Street comes out of his flat goes round to the side alley where is Vespa is parked after 10 kicks a lot of swearing he decides to take the bus.
Next scene
sitting on the top Deck of a bus at the front dressed as a mod soundtrack to the scene on the bus The Who the Seeker he's told at 10 down Street if his application is successful he'll have to change into black leathers.

phil daniels bumps into ray winstone when he comes out of ten DowningStreet

ray winstone says to phil daniels as he walks out of the gate you look like a plebgate dressed as a mod

phil daniels shouts back you and everyone

next scene u see ray winstone parking up his bike and

walking in to 10 downing street

next scene

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